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The Only Solution misting system in the food industry for Vegetables, Fish and Meat sectors, among others, is used to maintain the right and necessary freshness and humidity in the food, periodically projecting micro particles of water in the form of mist directly on the products. The tiny water droplets evaporate, maintaining moisture and freshness, preventing dehydration and loss of product weight and characteristics.

Correctly applied, and through a thin layer of moisture our customers do not need to soak or moisten the product, this applied layer evaporates, causing a reduction of the surface temperature by a physical process called evaporative cooling refrigeration that favors the conservation of these food products.
Exposed produce, such as fresh vegetables, will not only benefit from reduced dehydration, but will also rehydrate, helping to maintain shelf life by slowing product spoilage.

What do we offer you?

Thanks to our humidification and evaporative cooling systems you can offer your customers fresh products that look like they have just been harvested from the field or freshly caught from the river or sea; It is proven that to increase sales and prolong shelf life you have to keep the product fresh and appetizing, in Only Solution we know it and our customers support us, our systems give you this advantage over the competition; We also understand that having a competitive advantage is crucial to the long-term growth and success of your business;
Quality products and freshness every day
With an Only Solution humidification system you can:

  1. Maintain proper humidity level during storage and display in displays;
  2. Prevent your product from dehydrating, increase humidity and reduce evaporation by up to 65%;
  3. Maintain product weight, quality and freshness for longer.
  4. Improve your profitability with less product shrinkage and waste.
  5. Increase your sales while maintaining product quality and freshness every day.
  6. Attract more customers with the noticeable and evident freshness of your product.
  7. Preserve nutrients, appearance and freshness, allowing you to sell the best product to your customers and convincing them to come back for more.
  8. Increase the useful life of your product, thus maximizing your investment.
  9. Reduce labor hours spent by your employees to manually wet products, or apply ice SAVE TIME AND MONEY with an automated rehydration system. Our systems have a minimum water consumption as they work by programmed time cycles.
  10. Low energy consumption.

An automatic humidification system, characterized by great versatility and very low maintenance costs.

What is the harm of dehydration in foodstuffs?

As a result of dehydration, the weight of fresh foods decreases considerably: Vegetables can lose between 18 and 60% of their weight, meat can lose up to 18% of its weight, fish 16% and cheese 14%. If the products become dehydrated, it damages the image of freshness and seriously affects the sales results to the fresh food retailer and/or wholesaler. The loss of food weight contributes to a reduction in sales of products in refrigerated counters, non-refrigerated display islands and warehouses, and over time this problem is reflected in a very important economic damage. In contrast, properly humidified products will appear freshly caught or harvested (moist and fresh surfaces), crisp (solid and shiny) and fresh (vivid colors).
Increase your sales and profits by offering your customers fresh and longer lasting products!

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Without complications.

Uncomplicated and easy-to-use systems.
Once you decide to use the Only Solution Humidification System at your point of sale, we will custom design the most functional system layout to ensure accurate humidification combined with guaranteed results.

Guarantee and Quality.

All our components are of high quality offering a total guarantee (CE Certification), certifying and guaranteeing that our installations fully comply with the regulations established in RD 865/2003 offering our customers a 1st quality installation and all the sanitary guarantees.
For all these reasons we emphasize that our systems are the alternative to other much more expensive systems both in installation and maintenance, proof of this is our large portfolio of customers of national and international companies.
We must emphasize that each need, application or atmospheric condition requires a detailed study and an appropriate project.

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