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How does it work?

Only Solution is a very innovative company and specialist in the wide range of misting systems on the market, we work with TechnoCooling® brand products, products on which we have 20 years of experienceOur company has specialized in the installation of these systems offering the highest quality and guarantee for refrigeration applications in Hospitality and Catering businesses offering its customers a wide range of possibilities to choose from for your business through the Water Curtain System or Fans with nozzles, providing solutions to heat stress, insect control, renewal of stale air or the possibility of contributing specific aromas to the environment.

Thanks to evaporative cooling you have a solution to the thermal stress caused by high temperatures in the Canary Islands of your business at a much more pleasant temperature. providing the comfort your customers deserve cooling the environment of these outdoor areas.

Fogging in the foodservice industryallows for complete evaporation “without wetting”and effective homogenization and dispersion of the applied water in the environment.

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Guarantee and Quality

All our components are of high quality offering a total guarantee (CE), certifying and guaranteeing that our installations comply in its totality with the regulations established in RD 865/2003 offering our clients a 1st quality installation and all the sanitary guarantees.

For all this we emphasize that our systems are the alternative to other much more expensive systems both in installation and maintenance, proof of this is our large customer base in the Canary archipelago.

We must emphasize that every need, application or atmospheric condition requires a detailed study and an appropriate project. The ideal solution to your needs can only be offered by a supplier that provides you with all the systems on the market and of these the most suitable and our company can offer it to you;

Frequently asked questions

Can I cool any enclosure?

Yes, but continuous aeration or air renewal is essential; the greater the aeration, the greater the amount of water to be applied; optimal projects and executions must contemplate that cooling is uniform throughout the enclosure and in ALL the contents.

How many degrees can I lower the temperature?

Evaporative or vaporization refrigeration is based on physical laws reflected in the psychrometric diagram. When the vaporization process is carried out, 544 kcal per 1 kg of water are adsorbed from the environment. For industrial buildings, greenhouses, farms and other environments, the Customer must inform the maximum temperature to which they wish to cool the environment. With this data, we can calculate the amount of degrees that the temperature can be reduced, considering the difference between the current maximum temperature and the target cooling temperature, which is between 10º to 15º lower than the outside temperature.

Can I cool if the ambient humidity is higher than the target humidity?

IT IS NOT POSSIBLE, although we have had success with original ideas by aerating while applying moisture. (Fogging with fans or with air impulse by High Pressure or Compressed Air – Water nozzles).

Can refrigeration be expensive for the hospitality industry?

The total cost will be the sum of the different components that contemplate a good installation, our systems are modular, so we can expand the different components when it is considered necessary. Our equipment includes: Pressure Equipment, Pipe Linear, Nozzle Connectors, Nozzles of different orifice diameters, from 0.15 to 0.60 mm, Timers, Humidity – Temperature Probes, Filtering Systems, Anti bacterial Systems, Fans, etc…; for open outdoor enclosures the total cost will be the sum of: The misting lines with connectors and nozzles + pressure group + filtering system + timer that will always control the Client.

Will the furniture or my customers get wet?

A good project – execution must guarantee “NO wetting”. The drops that fall to the ground and do not vaporize do NOT cool, our timers allow the adjustment of operating cycles according to the criteria of our customers and the climatology of the area. “If there is not a good adjustment of times we can get wet by not getting a total evaporation”, the water that goes to the ground does not cool.

Which cooling system is the most advisable?

It depends on the maximum R.H. to be reached, the height – distance between the foggers and the people, the dimensions of the room, the system to be installed (water curtain or fans with nozzles), and the economic means available

What is the energy cost of refrigeration?

Evaporative cooling is based on the production of water vapor by means of different techniques or systems. The energy cost of steam production by heating (isothermal) can be up to 20 times higher than vaporization by means of the systems we use (adiabatic).

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