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Air Conditioner

We have installation service and repair of simple or ducted air conditioning;

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Air conditioning maintenance is not only required when there are breakdowns, it is presenting symptoms; does not cool properly, takes time to turn on, smells funny, turns itself off, among others, this may mean that the equipment needs maintenance and should proceed to its maintenance as soon as possible, thus saving costly repairs.

We guarantee a first quality work, with first quality materials, a clean work of a company with more than 20 years of experience in the sector;

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Disinfection of the air conditioning

We have disinfection and air conditioning cleaning service; The cleaning of the filters is very important, the filters have the task of collecting the residues that they absorb from the air, if they are not cleaned regularly this will diminish the quality of the air and can be very harmful to health; To avoid these problems Only Solution has a disinfection service, recommended at least twice a year, with suitable and certified anti-legionella, anti-bacterial and anti-viral products;

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